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Moroccan Oil Products

We now carry Moroccan Oil Products. These are antioxidant infused, nutrient rich, innovative formulas which are unmatched in the industry and provide dramatic results. The formulas not only leave hair naturally smooth and shiny but also improve its actual condition to make it stronger with each use.

We now offer  ALOXXI hair care products!

Maintain vibrant color and address specific hair concerns with Aloxxi’s CARE products. Each product features ColourCare Complex, a synergistic mix of science and nature that blends 10 different antioxidants including Pomegranate, White Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng, Algae, Bearberry, Chamomile, Licorice Root and Coneflower Extracts along with botanicals and oils to protect hair color in between salon visits.

Aloxxi’s CARE retail collections are 10 Free! This means you won’t find any Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Sodium Chloride, Ethanolamines, Phthalates, Talc, Microbeads, Aluminum Compounds, or Formaldehyde in our products.